Big day for the Morrie

Today, after spending the last month in the garage having various bits sanded and spray painted, I took my van off to the testing station for a WOF. This is the first time I’ve properly driven my van, and it went very nicely.

The Indian chap at the station approached my van looking somewhat bemused. He had a little trouble finding out which switches to press to get the indicators and lights going, so it all took a little longer than it might normally with a modern vehicle.

And did the van pass the WOF? Nope. But then, I wasn’t expecting it to. The good news is that there were only four minor things needing to be fixed – no problemo.

Coming back, as I neared the roundabout, a flashing ambulance was coming up from behind. I took the van quickly through the roundabout, indicated, and pulled over. Just in time. The ambulance sped us, giving a toot in thanks.

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