My novel on the List!

A little bit of bragging …

New Zealand Fiction – Week ending 19 July 2014
The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton (VUP) ISBN 9780864739889
The Children’s Pond - Tina Shaw (Pointer Press)
The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton (VUP) 9780864739124
4 Heartland - Jenny Pattrick (Black Swan)
Tenderness: Stories – Sarah Quigley (Vintage)
Purgatory Rosetta Allan (Penguin)
Landscape with Solitary Figure – Shonagh Koea (Vintage)
Chocolate Cake for Breakfast – Danielle Hawkins (Arena)
9 Carnival Sky – Owen Marshall (Vintage) 
10 Where the Rekohu Bone Sings Tina Makereti (Vintage) 

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2 Responses to My novel on the List!

  1. Carole Grant says:

    Well done. I see you are number two on the NZ fiction list. I haven’t read your book yet but it will be the next book I read.
    Lovely meeting you today.
    Carole Grant

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