Landfall review of TCP

A wonderful review of my novel The Children’s Pond has just gone onto Landfall Review Online

David Herkt comments:

Shaw is always more than she seems as a novelist, going the extra distance. An attentive reader will find the novel filled with exactitude: real houses are identifiable, views precisely described, and trout pools those on river maps. Complex quandaries of individual lives are revealed with spare precision as they mesh with each other. The characters are individual without being caricatures and, while the novel feels complete, each of them has a personal story which will continue beyond the final words.

And the review finishes with this note:

The Children’s Pool seems perfectly tailored for both a New Zealand and international crime fiction market; it is easy to envisage it as a movie or a television drama, filled with the visual allure of its background scenery and the resonances of a landscape barely subjugated to human will.Berries

About which I can only comment: Watch this space.

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2 Responses to Landfall review of TCP

  1. what’s your influence to write this novel?

  2. Ardian says:

    is this book sold worldwide?

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